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What we do:

RepsMate is a conversation intelligence platform that helps your teams to decipher your customer’s voice via detailed Call Analytics including emotions, objections, intents and many more.

Call Transcribing

Comprehensive overview

Conversation Analytics

Increase training effectiveness

Sentiment Analysis

Decrease Customers' Turnover

KPIs & Metrics Insights

Increasing Efficiency

How we help you succeed:

Capture & Analyze Every Interaction

You can access call information within minutes of the end of your calls and you can use trackers to jump directly to the important moments.

Measure the Impact of Your Trainings

Keep track of how your team's results have improved over time and use metrics and scorecards to enhance the value of training and coaching.

Ramp Reps to Productivity Faster

Reduce the total onboarding time and costs of your new employees and increase the efficiency of your average representatives.

Decipher your customers

Gain an unfair competitive advantage over your competitors.

GDPR Compliance

Your data privacy and data security concerns are our top priorities.

Seamless Integration

We integrate with your existing tools to automatically analyze your calls.

How you can empower your Reps workforce:

Data Visualization

Calls have thousands of unique data points that can be measured and analyzed. The easier you get that information, the better the results you get when sharing with others. By showcasing your team's calls on a visual chart, to your representatives, you can be sure that your message will been understood

Business Intelligence

Empower your organization to extract and leverage intelligence from customer interactions to improve the customer experience and the representatives' performance.


Our Technologies:

Monetize your Big Data

Big Data Analytics examines vast amounts of data to reveal hidden patterns. Today’s technology makes it feasible to analyze your conversations and get solutions almost instantly – a substitute that is faster and more effective than conventional business intelligence procedures.

Machines must be continuous learners.

The calls that you are already recording inside in your Contact Center, for other purposes can also be used to optimize the performance of your representatives and optimize your customer experience with data-driven evidence from voice analysis. The impact of AI within speech analysis solutions leads to speed and efficiency, gaining insights from every call that drives the action inside and outside your Contact Center..

Why Machine Learning & AI ?

  • Deliver personalized customer experiences

  • Improve cybersecurity

  • Solve customer problems quickly

  • Personalize training for agents

  • Replace IVR

  • Review calls in more depth

AI for Better Speech Analytics Insight

Most of the value that AI brings to speech analytics comes from its ability to categorize through machine learning. Through the categorization process, the conversations are analyzed to identify patterns, this is the process that assigns meaning to unstructured words.

An AI-based speech analytics solution finds patterns that can be identified as categories within a conversation.

Customer Sentiments Analytics

Sentiment analysis produces an assessment of customer sentiment that a Contact Center representative notices during the conversation. By highlighting the insights, the representatives can understand the customer intent and can be used as a notification pop-up whether the representative strives to solve an issue like calming a customer, or to take an opportunity to up-sell..


Ready to see how RepsMate can transform your Reps?


RepsMate helps your team to perform better by understanding your reps and helping them developing necessary skills based on real customer interactions. Track quantifiable improvements over time, and prove the impact of your programs.

  • Increase Revenue
  • Real-Time Alerts
  • Decrease Costs
  • Efficient Onboarding
  • Predict behavior
  • Understand customers
  • Identify trends
  • Insights into data